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Why is this?
Because that’s the way the human body works. It was designed to eat, that’s why eating more food can speed up the metabolism.
It’s recommended to eat at least 4-6 times a day. It gives you more energy and increases the speed your body burns stout.
It can be simple and painless to burn more calories. Right now, your diet is doubtless structured inefficiently. You’re eating the particular types of foods at the incorrect times, or at the incorrect intervals between each other. These modest things might seem irrelevant, but they affect your body’s metabolism-the furnace that burns calories and causes you to slim down.
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best diet for fast weight loss
Weight-loss experts like to use the ancient adage “slow and steady wins the race.” And that’s right. If you take a moderate approach to dieting, you’re more likely to lose weight and keep it off than if you drastically slash calories in search of a quick fix. But many dieters find that starting off with a few days of major calorie cutting really helps them segue into a more sagacious, long-term healthful eating regimen.
Call it “kick-start dieting.” And whether you eat just fruits an

World’s Best Crash Diets

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best diet for fast weight loss question by Danielle: Best Diet For FAST Weight Loss?
I’m 14 and I wanna lose weight FAST. Oh and “Eat healthy and exercise” isn’t a diet. I’m gonna exercise, I just wanna know what diet works the fastest. Thanks.
best diet for fast weight loss best answer:
Answer by EddySays
It is too terrible that the word “diet ” became a verb.
Your diet is what you eat on a regular footing.
Fad diets are denying yourself particular foods or only eating particular foods and they always fail.
What happens when you stop the “diet”?
Danielle if there was a diet or diet pill or powder that worked don’t you reckon we would all be slim and healthy looking?
The only one that works is healthy diet and exercise. Sorry.
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