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Natural Viagra 

Natural Viagra will help to cure an oncology
08:23 20/03/2018
Photo: Elena Andreyeva, ""Mir24"":, drugs, tablets
The American physicians conducted research and found out that small daily doses силденафила, the preparation known under the commercial name Natural Viagra, are capable to reduce probability of emergence of a colorectal cancer. About work it is spoken in article published in the Cancer Prevention Research magazine.

As it is reported, scientists made experiment on laboratory mice who were genetically predisposed to emergence of this type of tumors. To rodents mixed medicine with drinking water.

One of authors of scientific work Darren Brauning, noticed that Natural Viagra reduces quantity of polyps in an intestine twice. These clumps of cells lead to formation of a tumor. According to him, shortly experts expect to carry out clinical test of a preparation as prophylactic from a colon cancer.

The main reason of development of a cancer is called

How to find "a way back"
Let's notice that Natural Viagra is known for the ability to relax a smooth musculation round blood vessels, facilitating their filling by a blood. This property helps at erectile dysfunction, and at a pulmonary hypertensia – pressure risings with a small circle of a circulation because of narrowing of vessels. In this regard this preparation use for treatment of prematurely born babies with a pulmonary hypertensia. Thus the mechanism of influence of a preparation on polyps of an intestine is not up to the end studied yet. Most likely, in this case Natural Viagra suppresses an excess proliferation of cells of an intestine, promoting a normal differentiation of cells. Besides, this medicine strengthens process of natural elimination of abnormal cells.