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Training Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • How are questions addressed during training sessions?

    Questions which arise during DMID-CROMS training sessions may be submitted to the Training Group at for appropriate routing.

  • What are my training requirements?

    GCP and HSP training requirements are dictated by NIH policies.

    Training may be completed through a class or course, academic training program, or certification from a recognized clinical research professional organization. GCP refresher training should be completed at least every three years in order for applicable site staff to remain current with regulations, standards, and guidelines (see NIAID/NIH Policy).​

    Additional training requirements are dictated by the grant/contract and, if applicable, network policies. Please direct any questions regarding the NIAID GCP Training Policy and other training requirements to the DMID Program Officer or Contracting Officer's Representative (COR).

  • How do I request access to the DMID-CROMS Learning Management System (LMS)?

    You must first have an active DMID-CROMS account. Submit the Systems Access Request Form to request DMID-CROMS systems access.

  • How do I access the DMID-CROMS Learning Management System (LMS)?

    Only authorized users may access the full list of DMID-CROMS training courses through the LMS:

    1. Sign-in on the DMID-CROMS WebLibrary Welcome page using your DMID-CROMS Username and Password.
    2. To display the Training page, click the Training icon located on the WebLibrary Home page.
    3. On the Training page, click the DMID-CROMS Clinical Research Training option. This will navigate you to a page that displays the LMS button. Clicking on this button will navigate you to the LMS Dashboard or Home page.
    4. Select My Courses to view the list of DMID-CROMS training courses.

  • How do I obtain my Certificates of Completion for the DMID-CROMS courses I have completed?

    After you have completed a DMID-CROMS course through the LMS, you will be able to view and/or print the Certificate of Completion for your records. The certificate will include the course name, your name, your email address, and the date of completion. Within the LMS, there is also a Transcript page that lists all your completed courses and provides a link for each course to a printable Certificate of Completion.